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Almost every person I know needed to pick himself or herself up by the bootstraps at one point. Stuff happens — it is a fact of life.

Sean Douglas, a certified Master Resilience Trainer with the US Air Force, is creating a business from teaching others how to “withstand, recover, and grow through the face of adversity”.

On today’s show, Sean is kind enough to impart some of his wisdom AND gives us a few business-building tips along the way.

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[shareable cite=”Sean Douglas”]Everything that we are going through right now is preparing us for where we are going to go.[/shareable]

Show Notes

  • 2:40 – What is Resilience?
  • 5:00 – How did you become a resilience trainer?
  • 7:52 – An 11-point Framework for Resilience
  • 13:46 – Overview of Sean’s Consulting Practice
  • 19:55 – How Do You find Clients for Your Consulting Practice?
  • 24:50 – Intro of Sean’s Book
  • 29:43 – How Sean finds and books Public Speaking Engagements

[shareable cite=”Sean Douglas”]If you want to do something — anything — just ask people who are already doing it.[/shareable]


Complete show transcript available here.


Sean’s Best Hack for Finding Speaking Gigs

Google Call for Speakers + Resilience

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