It’s almost impossible not to make a breakthrough in something that becomes a singular commitment. Zat Rana
A #2 pencil and a dream can take you anywhere Joyce Meyer
Your Work is Going to FIll a Large Part of Your Life, and the Only Way to be Truly Satisfied is to Do What You Believe is Great Work. — Steve Jobs
Enthusiasm Moves the World. — Arthur Balfour
Decide What You Want. Decide What You Are Willing to Exchange For it. Establish Your Priorities and Go to Work. — H.I. Hunt
Do What Today Others Won’t, so Tomorrow You Can Do What Others Can’t — Brian Rogers Loop
Anyone Who Has Never Made a Mistake Has Never Tried Anything New — Albert Einstein
Jason R. Owens - Lewis Lapham Quote
Lapham Quote

Found this gem in a fantastic essay by Lewis H. Lapham.

The essay is on the wisdom that septuagenarians and octogenarians claim begins to blossom as one continues to work well beyond the age of traditional retirement.

Given that we are entrepreneurs, and many of us are pursuing work that we love, it makes sense that we would want to continue developing our craft just like the the 80-somethings in Lapham’s article.

Article Reference: New York Times article published on Oct. 23, 2014.

Twitter handle: @Lapham’s Quart.


Jason Owens Concord NC
Quote from NYT Article

Found this quote in a wonderful article I’m reading from The New York Times titled Old Masters at the Top of Their Game.

Personally, I do not aspire towards retirement.  I do want to be financially independent, but why quit working when you love what you do?

Blackfish Documentary

My wife and I watched Blackfish recently.  One of the things I found interesting here is the change in perspective that the then-20-something trainers have now, 10 to 15 years later.

Certainly very eye-opening for us since Karen is so involved in animal training as well.  My wife said that she can see a lot of parallels here to the work that she does.

This movie definitely receives two thumbs-up from this house.