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Here you can find all my current product offerings. To get a more detailed description, click on the “Learn More” button at the end of each product description. If you need assistance, just email us.

Finding My Voice: How I Discovered the Elusive Path to Happiness in my Work (book)

Finding My Voice - Facing Away - Cropped

Toss aside the idea that you are the only person having trouble starting a business or launching a church. Creating any new enterprise is hard work that pushes us beyond our limits.

Jason Owens pulls back the curtain on what it is really like to start a venture. He talks candidly about lessons he has learned from his business ideas that didn’t go at all according to plan.

Yes, you will have trouble starting a small business, starting a church or doing anything else that matters. The point is to accept these struggles as normal so you can get on with your journey.

Jason provides several easy-to-use tools to keep you from being unpleasantly surprised in the pursuit of your dreams.

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The Sales Workshop 6-Disc Audio Series

Jason R Owens The Sales Workshop 6 Disc Audio Series

The Sales Workshop 6 Disc Audio Series

I am thrilled to release my first ever 6-disc audio series based on my most popular workshop, The Sales Workshop!

If you buy just one audio series this year, make it The Sales Workshop 6-Disc Audio Series

Disc 1: Overview and The Opportunities Facing You
Disc 2: What Most People Never Tell You About Selling
Disc 3: How to Win Before You Begin
Disc 4: The Money Map
Disc 5: The Money Map, part 2
Disc 6: Why Some Entrepreneurs Fail and Others Win

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