As of this writing I have hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers and nearly as many Facebook fans, but all my social media platforms combined don’t perform anywhere close to sending out an update or offer via email.

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And the most beautiful thing of all is this: if we will reject the whole mimetic nightmare of The World, if we will align ourselves to God’s way of doing things, money will not rule our lives, nor will fear. Money won’t even be what we are thinking about; we’ll be chasing higher things. Then our finances will become one of the main opportunities where we get to see God come through. And he loves to come through.

Killing Lions John Eldredge Sam Eldredge

Killing Lions (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 2014), 37

“For the individual seeking to identify or create a new entrepreneurial opportunity, initially there is an idea and a great deal of uncertainty” (Hayton & Cholakova, 2011, p.45).



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How do we bring God glory when we are sulking around in the cellar, weighed down by shame and guilt, hiding our light under a bushel? Our destiny is to come fully alive. To live with ever-increasing glory. This is the Third Eternal Truth every good myth has been trying to get across to us: your heart bears a glory, and your glory is needed . . . now. This is our desperate hour.

John Eldredge
Waking the Dead (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 2003)