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Ways to Boost Your Confidence

  1. Do something.  The worst part about telecommuting or working from home is that it is far too easy to lose momentum.  Get out of the house.  Most importantly, do some prospecting.  Do a few walk-ins to local businesses.  Pick up the phone and make 4 or 5 calls to previous clients with whom you have lost touch.  Send the email campaign that you have been procrastinating on for weeks.
  2. Do the unpleasant stuff first.  If you tend to procrastinate on tasks that you don’t like, just do them first and get it over with.
  3. Grab a quick coffee with a colleague.  I’m not talking about time wasting idle chit-chat or rehashing the big game last weekend.  Meet with a purpose.  Take 3 conversation starters with you.  Confide.  Be vulnerable.  “What 2 or 3 things do you do to get new clients?”  “What was your longest dry spell?”  “How did you overcome the difficult times?”  You may find out that you are not alone.
  4. Get to bed early.  Sometimes fatigue can lead to all sorts of performance issues.
  5. I know this last one is tired, but I mention it because it bears repeating — exercise.  Your endorphins kick in after about 20 minutes and everything starts looking up.