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I enjoy breaking myths — especially ones that tend to hold us back the most.

The one I want to address today is: You’re too late.

Sometimes this one also takes the forms of “You’ve missed your window” or “You’re too old.”

In this blog I feel  I don’t talk about faith as much as I should. Today, however,  I’m going to open that window — the window I don’t open nearly enough in my writing.

[shareable cite=”John Eldredge”]Eternal life has already started.[/shareable]

John Eldredge, author of Moving Mountains: Praying with Passion, Confidence, and Authoritypoints out to us in his writings that, for people of the Christian faith, eternal life isn’t something that starts when we die. In fact, eternal life has already started.

Let that sink in for a moment.

You will never die.

Of course, the body you now have will not make the transition to eternal life. The bonus here though is that you get a new body, one that doesn’t get sick or wear down.

What does this mean for the life that you’re living now?

This is a total test run.

If life so far has not given you the opportunity to live out your greatest hopes and desires, I have great news for you – you’re going to have plenty of time!

In fact, you’re going to have forever.

[shareable cite=”Jason R. Owens”]You are Never Too Old to Start![/shareable]

  • If you tried to start a business and failed
  • If you tried writing a book that never got published
  • If you designed a program that never caught on
  • If you wanted to have kids but couldn’t
  • If you wanted to buy a house but couldn’t
  • If you kept getting passed over for a promotion
  • If you didn’t have a good childhood
  • If you felt invisible
  • Unloved
  • Unqualified

I have great news!

  • You will have the business you’ve always wanted
  • You will publish the book and it will be widely read
  • The program you want to design will catch on to greater effect
  • You will get to feel the joy of having kids
  • You will live in a house you could never possibly imagine
  • You will no longer be ignored for your talents
  • You will be promoted and have amazing authority
  • You will feel the joy of a child who has a caring Father
  • You will be widely known
  • Loved
  • Well-qualified

Is it too late to start moving towards your dreams? Is it too late to start taking the steps you felt were long out of your reach?

Absolutely not!

Start today.

Get a head start. Develop your skills.

Deal with your demons.

You’ve seen the bumper sticker “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”

Does it feel too good to be true?

“Too good to be true” is exactly what you get when you’re living in the Kingdom.

[shareable cite=”Jason R. Owens”]Buckle your seat belt. It’s going to be a great ride![/shareable]