As of this writing I have hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers and nearly as many Facebook fans, but all my social media platforms combined don’t perform anywhere close to sending out an update or offer via email.

Building a Story Brand (Harper Collins Leadership, 2017), 183-184

017: Two Behind-The-Scenes Keys to Growing Your Platform [Podcast]

An Interview with Sebastien Richard

I had the pleasure of interviewing Sebastien Richard for the launch of his new book, Lead Like a Superhero.  It is rare to have such a candid conversation with someone who is growing a platform. What I liked most about our talk is that we reached beyond the usual surface conversation and tilled deep into […]

015: How to Protect Your Greatest Asset [Podcast]

An Introduction to Noom

In Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits book, one of his first lessons is the Golden Goose. It is an illustration of two concepts — production and production capacity. Covey uses the Golden Goose analogy to illustrate the balance that we need to strike between our ability to produce and the production itself. In short, don’t kill […]

014: How to Break Free From Being Paralyzed by Perfection [Podcast]

An Interview with Karen Putz of Ageless Passions

After a skiing accident took Karen’s hearing at age 19, she left the sport and thought her skiing days were behind her. What Karen didn’t expect was to have those skiing passions reawakened more than 20 years later.  The process of transformation (I won’t steal the story, so you’ll have to download her free book […]

013: 2 Ways You Can Benefit From a Virtual Summit [Podcast]

In Interview with Laura Diehl of GPS Hope

After a very difficult period in her life, Laura Diehl woke in the middle of the night, her head filled with the title for a book and pages upon pages of notes. Only a short time later this late-night epiphany has grown to several published books, a series of conferences, and her first-ever virtual summit. […]