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About Jason R. Owens


I am a researcher and public speaker.  I collect stories on new business owners who are in the first few years of running a business. I do this in hopes that my readers, you, will find courage and strength to start your own business as well.  My philosophy is that you were created to do great work, and I often share lessons I have learned from running by own business.

I Write On:

  1. How people can find ways to live in their true calling.
  2. Individuals who are living their dreams of owning their own business.
  3. The intersection of faith and work

I also occasionally write about the resources I am discovering.

My goal is to create insightful, relevant content that you can put to work in your personal and professional life.  If you are in a position of leadership, or aspire to be, this content is for you.

I typically post several times per month.

I Write For:

Individual Entrepreneurs

Typically I focus on small business owners, solopreneurs, 1099 contract sales workers.  Most of us need help in securing new clients and boosting sales.

Sales Leaders – Fortune 500, Direct Sales & Home-based Sales

I have experience in working as a producer and as a sales manager with a Fortune 500 company. I am wildly concerned with the start-up and launch phase of a new agents, new associates, etc.  The financial services industry has what has to be one of the most brutal learning curves known to man.  The extremely high attrition rate here is a testament to this.  I have run my own business as a business coach in the past and was fascinated to see how a Fortune 500 company approached coaching and launch.  I was so intrigued by my observations here that I decided to pursue a doctorate degree to further hone my skills.

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My Contact Information

You can reach me via email, my page on Facebook or Twitter. Email is probably best.

My Biography

I was born in Florida and raised in southwestern Ohio near Cincinnati.  I attended college at Ohio University where I majored in electrical engineering.  College was a fantastic time for me as this is where I began to own my faith and really considered going into some sort of ministry.  That path did not work for me so I took a position as an engineer at Cincinnati Milacron in South Lebanon, Ohio, and then moved on to work as an engineer at Procter and Gamble. Here I learned a great appreciation for being an expert in a given craft. The group of people I worked with the BabyCare Computer Aided Engineering group are perhaps the highest calibre individuals I will ever encounter in such a concentrated place.

While the technical allure of a multinational company was enticing, I had always wanted to run my own business.  I have to say that taking this road less traveled has literally changed my life.  I have been working as an entrepreneur and/or with entrepreneurs ever since.


A fair portion of this page is borrowed directly from Michael Hyatt’s book Platform (see page 106), an excellent “how-to” on developing your message for your audience.  I have been searching for the perfect way to let readers know my background, and Michael has a perfect format, so why reinvent?