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The Danger of Taking an Uncharted Path

The mental drain of not knowing what to expect is what takes out most people.  You have no way of knowing if victory is right around the corner, of if you are just making a desperate decision to hang on for one more day.

Say your home office tells you that the best way to generate sales is face-to-face meetings.  They have found that the average agent makes one sale for every 3 face-to-face meetings.  However, you decide that selling face-to-face is not for you, and that you would rather sell via email marketing.

Choosing your own path is all well and good, but you have to understand that the selling ratios are way different.  The people at the home office may not keep a lot of data on email marketing success because hardly anyone uses it.  If you are lucky you will find someone who can tell you, off the record, that only one out of a thousand people make a purchase on the average email campaign.  You are in uncharted territory.  Your only strategy here is to hope for the best, and, trust me, you want “hope for the best” to be your last strategy.

Take time to learn, and I mean really learn, what email marketing strategy really works for your company’s products.  This will take time.  Also, it will take some experimentation on your part. Having some definitive answers on what works, what does not work and what you can expect is key because you can now make a better decision if email marketing is for you.

Being mentally prepared for your journey makes all the difference.

It is really easy to get caught in the trap of not wanting to take one path (face-to-face sales), but not knowing what to expect when going your own way.