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Sometimes the best way to increase your confidence is to make a stand and declare to the  world who you are.

Yet this simple thing can be so difficult.  It can leave you feeling exposed. Naked. It is too easy for self-doubt to creep in.

  • What if people don’t like me?
  • Worse, what if the people who like me now stop liking me?
  • What if no one buys the painting, the book, the (fill in the blank) into which I have poured my heart and soul?
  • What if I get criticized?

How To Stay Confident When Stepping Out

  • You are made to follow your calling.  Feel good about having strength to take the steps you are taking.
  • You are not made to play a small part. To hide.  To shrink from greatness.
  • Planting your flag somewhere, anywhere, means that you have a great deal of confidence in yourself.
  • Most people are looking for someone to follow, to read about, to find interesting.  The person they follow doesn’t always have to be the other guy.  Why can’t the interesting person be you?
  • Commit fully to your path.  No waffling!
  • Run.  Hard work creates its own luck.  Nothing builds self esteem more quickly than a prospect saying “yes”.