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At some point you have probably had some type of personality assessment. There are about 100 different flavors out there.  My favorite so far is the Strengths Finder.  I took this test, and it illuminated my top 5 strengths:

  • Learner
  • Strategic
  • Achiever
  • Intellection
  • Ideation

Take a look at my top strength – learner.  I have always loved learning new things.  School has always been fairly easy to me, but this post isn’t about me, its about what you can learn from my experiences.

Since I like learning, and it comes easy for me, it is so easy for me to lose focus by the lure of another opportunity.  Sometimes I find a project that looks just way too irresistible, so I take it.  “I can learn so much from this,” I rationalize.  Meanwhile my more strategic endeavors stall.  Eventually I snap to my senses and get back on track.  Sure, I’ve learned plenty on my detour, but I have lost precious time on the very accomplishments that I said were so important to me.

How to Combat The Weakness of Your Strength

When an opportunity comes your way run it through the following filters.

  • How far am I willing to go down this rabbit hole?
  • Can I bail out of this so called “opportunity” easily if I find it is taking me too far off track?
  • What is the signal or trigger event that will tell me it is time to move on?

I’m writing this post just as much for me as I am for you.  I’m going to print these three filters  on a card and tape them somewhere on my dashboard so I can see them every morning as I take my kid to daycare.  Following these easy to use filters will keep my confidence high and keep me on track to reaching my goals.