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I have found that the thing that has helped me most has been time.  I try to change my behavior over the course of reading one book.  There are plenty of the How To genre of self-helf books that have really good content, and I have devoured a number of them.  I love learning and I have always wanted to improve myself.  The problem is that I have a really hard time getting any lasting benefits from what these books preach.  I’ll try some new behavior for a few days, and then any act of truly changing just gets lost in the daily grind.

As I reflect over my life from my late teens until now (married, 1 kid) I can see where I have changed and changed dramatically.  Some people errantly think that most of our growth happens in our early 20s when we are on our own and trying to make sense of the world.  I’m happy to say that I have experienced more growth since my 20s than during my 20s.  I’ve been told that as our brains age we develop a better and better capacity for recognizing patterns, and therefore, learning from experience.  Makes sense since you have more experience to work with.

This, in fact, is the core of this blog.  I’m here to help you with my experience — what I have learned.  I have seen that confidence can be learned.  I have moved from being a person who was situationally confident to being a person who has a general sense of overall across-my-life confidence.  The best way for me to give you some list or free audio file is to first start telling you story-by-story just how I grew from where I was to where I am today.