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The Two Things Jason Does Best

I am first and foremost a writer. This is how I develop my craft and hone my message. It is through writing that I start the process of putting my ideas into a form that I can take to market.

I write so that people can benefit from my past experience.  Perhaps people can learn from my success and my failures.

I am a researcher.  I read a great deal of academic journals because it makes perfect sense to take advantage of so much great work that has already been done. This is called secondary research.  Despite so much great work being available, there are still times when I need to roll up my sleeves to do my own interviewing and data collecting. This is called primary research.

The reason that I perform research is to help an organization solve a problem with its sales force, or to help individuals produce at higher levels.

For me this is the perfect blend between work and ministry, between being an entrepreneur and working in a large company, between being a researcher and having my feet on the ground in the trenches.