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[column width=”25″]I headed into this class with little expectation of being engaged in the material, but left the class really enthused.[/column]
[column width=”25″]We were charged with a deep exploration of ethics as it applied to corporate governance.  Now that I can see the larger picture, it is completely understandable why the pursuit of ethics is so important and so widely discussed.[/column]
[column width=”50″ last=”last”]I have written more in this class than in any other.  I reached a new summit in what I can accomplish through diligent pursuit and good use of time management.  I can also say that the depth of my research grew to a new level in this class as well. The only bad part about the class is that 30% of our grade hung in the balance in the last week.  It is clearly a make-or-break proposition on the last assignment.  I love the pressure.[/column]