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Following Your Call Leads To Healing

by | Mar 4, 2020 | Faith and Work

This is the second post in a series that I am writing on how God is redeeming work.  My major premise here is that originally intended for work to be productive, enjoyable and a natural extension of who you are.

In my earlier post where I kicked off the series, I mentioned I came across a presentation by Dr. Denise Daniels of Seattle Pacific University.  One of the biggest insights I gained from Dr. Daniels’s presentation is that redemptive work facilitates

  • Physical healing
  • Emotional healing
  • Spiritual healing (Daniels, 2008)

Likewise I have also found a post from Dennis Sy who wrote a post titled Redeeming Work. Here Dennis makes the point that “No longer is work a necessary evil. It is now a calling.”

Is it possible that by following our respective callings that God will lead us to work that nurtures our souls and heals our bodies?


Daniels, D. (2008). Redeeming work: Living out God’s Purpose in our work [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from