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The Pre-Launch of my Blog and Facebook Page

I wrote and called many of you asking for your help with the pre-launch of my blog and my new Facebook page.  Many of you responded quickly, and it was a tremendous help to me.


In the past 11 days you have helped me:

  • Generate a considerable jump in traffic on my site.
  • Acquire 50 Likes on my Facebook page.
  • Test the response rate to my first test message I sent earlier in the week.

New Features On the Way

  • I created a better image that I will use at the top of the emails I send. This new header will debut this coming week.
  • I am testing an email system that will send automated updates to my blog subscribers.

What’s Next?

There is still a ton of work for me to do before I do an official launch to a larger audience.  For now, I can’t thank you enough for your support and help!

Like to Help?

If you know of any blog, local magazine or local newspaper that would consider having me write a guest article on new entrepreneurs, I would greatly appreciate an introduction.

Not Connected?

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