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Recently, I received what is quite possibly the most shocking email I’ve received in a long time.

It was from Jeff Walker and he was promising another bonus from a book he launched over a year ago.

Being a huge fan of Jeff Walker, I clicked on the link to find out what new bonus I was about to receive.

In Jeff Walker style I was taken to a landing page which included one of his sales videos explaining that he was offering a bonus he had never done before and that this bonus was only available to people who had purchased his best-selling book, Launch.

The Big Bonus

He was offering tickets to his large event session, PLF Live.

Now, what makes this so remarkable is that these tickets were usually only available to people who have purchased his Product Launch Formula program at nearly $2000.

This follows the same formula Brendon Burchard uses for his Experts Academy and Total Product Blueprint. Buy a high-ticket item program, and get a low-cost live event, usually for registration fee of around a hundred dollars.

Is it really getting that hard for Jeff Walker to fill a room, that he would open up registration to people who bought his book?

It really feels like he’s struggling to fill the room.

The Big Kicker

Now here’s the kicker: he’s not alone!

Earlier this year Brendon Burchard did something I’ve never seen him do before.

He offered an alumni discount to one of his other programs.

Usually the people who buy the Experts Academy program get to go to a large event, Experts Academy Live. On top of that, Brendan also has a different program which has to do with performance.

This program also has its own live event at its own ticket price. You buy the program for around $1000, and you get a discount ticket to go to the live event.

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In the past it didn’t matter if you had already purchased a ticket to Experts Academy — if you wanted to go to the High Performance Academy, you had to pay the full price — the market rate.

This year was the first time I’ve ever seen Brendon Burchard offer an alumni ticket price.

So, for those of you who were members of his Experts Academy or Total Product Blueprint courses, you could get an alumni tickets for only $297 to go to the High Performance Academy event.

Run the math on that for a minute – $997 last year but only $297 this year.

That’s a $700 savings, folks!

But Why?

All of this begs the question: why in the world would Brendon Burchard discount prices so heavily? He is supposed to be the king of high-end tickets. The king of high-end programs.

Why all the sudden is the pressure here moving across the largest names in the industry so much so that they would discount tickets?

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My guess is that this industry is counter-cyclical, meaning that several years ago when the economy was in the dumps there were thousands of people out looking to start their own business and there were thousands of people out there who wanted to be an instant expert or author and make millions of dollars.

Nowadays with the economy doing so well, there are more people who’ve taken jobs with employers. There are less and less people who are wanting to strike out their own route.

Even if your tickets were being sold before, if you have built a reputation on “selling out every event” you have to start to get pretty creative in an economy this robust. This means to discount the daylights out of these tickets, give them away, just get butts in seats.

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