We all dream of  having so much organic traffic coming to our site that list building becomes effortless.

Those of us who live in the real world, however, don’t have a bajillion hits of organic traffic each week.  We’re willing to build our list any way we can.

Recently, I was talking with a member of my community, Jonathan Hill.  He and his wife, Faith, run Fortified Health Club.

Jonathan told me of an amazing success he had with a tool which is a sister product to a service many of us have heard of in this community — LeadPages.

I won’t go into detail on that now, but I do want to talk about the tool Jonathan is using: LeadDigits.


LeadDigits is a premium product you can get when you choose one of the higher levels of service offered by LeadPages.

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Many of you have seen signs when you’re around town; “Text PIZZA to 47474 for a free slice and a drink”.

Jonathan put this very technique to use when Faith was delivering a talk at a local chiropractic clinic a few days ago.

[callout]Disclaimer: I don’t want you guys to get hung up on the audience size. What I want you to concentrate on is the conversion percentage.[/callout]

Let’s go to Jonathan now as he frames the scenario:
[guestpost]The talk was called ‘Toxic Beauty’ for a women’s event, and texting that phrase will get you a list of ingredients to always avoid in your cosmetics regime. Immediately after texting it, you will receive the list via email. — Jonathan Hill[/guestpost]

The step-by-step follows:

  1. Faith is in front of the small audience at this chiropractor’s office, and she’s talking about health and nutrition.
  2. At a few key points in the presentation, Faith simply says something to the effect of, “If you’d like more information on this, take out your phones now, and I’ll send it to you right away.”
  3. She then offers the keyword CLEARSKIN and instructs attendees to send that to 44222.
  4. While Faith is in the front of the room making the offer, Jonathan is in the back of the room watching all these results happen in real time.

What blows me away is the conversion rate they received!

Of the 14 people in attendance in this room, 12 of them used texted the CLEARSKIN keyword to get the freebie Faith had offered.

For those of you keeping score at home that’s an 86% conversion rate!

[shareable]Read about this list building technique that garnered an 86% conversion rate![/shareable]

Imagine if you started doing this very same technique and began experimenting with it during your talks!

[callout]Try it right now! Text CLEARSKIN to 44222 to check out the user experience and to get the freebie![/callout]

If I understand the integration LeadDigits correctly, you can connect it to your existing email marketing system to do the delivery of the actual freebie.

It works just as if somebody were to opt in on the opt-in page of your site. I created a similar campaign for one of my clients several months ago, and we used InfusionSoft to do the delivery.

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