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About a year ago I had grown so frustrated with trying to grow my business through blogging — that I quit blogging entirely.  It was the best move I could have made.

I believed the “grow your blog, grow your business” hype.  After all there are so many examples of where it worked for people.  The internet seems to be littered with stories of people who narrowed their blogging focus, found their tribe, and cashed in.

I wanted a piece of the action, but it just didn’t seem to be in the cards for me.

I had plenty of great things to say, but I just couldn’t find an audience.

Writing took a lot of time, I wasn’t seeing any tangible results, and I was simply losing patience with it.

Game over.

What I Did Instead

Instead I stopped trying to get organic traffic and just picked up my phone.

I started pitching my speaking engagements — If readers won’t come to me, I’ll have to go to them.

It worked!

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In all I booked 40 speaking engagements in 12 months and the craziest thing happened — people started coming up to me after my talks saying things like:

  • “If I give you my email can I get a copy of your slide deck?”
  • “More people need to be talking about that ‘effectuation’ topic you shared.”
  • “Your session was the best one I heard all day.”

I couldn’t believe it.  All the validation that I was craving through blogging just didn’t happen, but I found it in public speaking.

Who knew?

Why Did I Start Blogging Again?

Of course the big question is: Why are you blogging again, Jason?

Simple.  I know the long-term benefits of sharing my message in written form.

I now know — thanks to some guidance from Mitch Aunger at — that it could take years before I have enough critical mass to start seeing tangible results.

But the effort is so worth it.

I get to hone my craft of writing, and I get to refine my message (both of which are topics that I speak about in depth on my membership site,

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