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After a very difficult period in her life, Laura Diehl woke in the middle of the night, her head filled with the title for a book and pages upon pages of notes.

Only a short time later this late-night epiphany has grown to several published books, a series of conferences, and her first-ever virtual summit.

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Complete show transcript is available here.


  • Laura’s Main Site – GPS Hope
  • Hope and Healing Virtual Summit for Grieving Parents (You should click through to see how many people Laura recruited for this event.  The number really is impressive!
  • Laura’s YouTube Channel

[shareable cite=”Laura Diehl”]Forward motion is better than no motion.[/shareable]

Tools She is Using

Benefits of Running a Virtual Summit

List Growth

Laura saw an increase of about 200 subscribers from running her virtual summit

Solidifying Your Expertise

Become even more of an expert in the eyes of other experts in your field, b) your prospects.

  • Other experts in your field
  • Your prospects

What Is Working Right Now

I noticed that the blog posts in Laura’s blog often have what I’m calling a “Double Call-to-Action” where she has an after-post opt-in form above a second call to action for her speaking skills.

Laura says, “That [after-post opt-in form] has been our most consistent way of adding to our email list…”

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