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Recently I was handed a campaign that was already underway.  A church is taking a large group to Israel for a trip.  Ticket prices start at $3698.

[callout]This is an active case study as I am reporting on a project that is only 1/3 to completion. I will dedicate future podcast episodes to additional findings as they become available.[/callout]

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Check out the image below which illustrates what typically happens as you send multiple emails as part of a campaign.

Open rates drop a little each time, and click through rates drop as well (hypothetical numbers shown to illustrate the point).

I picked up this campaign on the 3rd email.  Here is how the campaign was performing (real numbers).

Previous Campaign Performance

  • Email 1 open rate – 13%
  • Email 2 open rate – 11%.

Given this trend, and knowing that the 3rd email usually has a lower open rate than the second email, I knew I had to take a different approach.

Changes Made to Campaign

  • “From:” field now reads “Pastor John” rather than “Church Office”.
  • Used curiosity in the subject line — “Is this on your bucket list?”

As I mention in the podcast, I noticed the earlier versions of the email were addressed as having come from the church office.  Nothing wrong with this, but I took the liberty to change it to the pastor’s name.

I also took a different approach with the subject line.  I used “Is this on your bucket list?” in hopes of encouraging people to see what, exactly, was on the pastor’s bucket list.


Using these 2 tactics worked!  See results in the next image.

The new approach yielded a 22% open rate — reversing the usual downward staircase — and added another 31 people to the list of interested parties.

These individuals essentially opted into a new list and will receive additional information about the trip.

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[callout]As stated earlier, this is an active case study and more results are forthcoming between now and Jan 20. I will dedicate future podcast episodes to additional findings as they become available.[/callout]

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