Your Work Can Right Social Wrongs

This is the 3rd post in a series that I am writing on God’s redeeming our every day work lives (article 1 and article 2).  The series started when I came across a presentation by Dr. Denise Daniels of Seattle Pacific University. After the fall came redemption, and this carries through to our time at work. Until reading […]

Will Prayer Really Help My Business?

I have never wrestled with such an all encompassing question as this: will prayer really help my business? I find myself in the same situation in the world of business.  There are formulas, rules to be followed.  Show up on time.  Work hard.  Develop your brand.  All that.  I have tried following the rules only […]

Courage to Follow

It takes courage to discover who you really are and to live from that center. There is a story in one of the Gospels where Jesus, standing safely on shore, tells his soon-to-be disciples to give their fishing expedition one more try. This group was already dog-tired from a full night of fishing, and had […]