How to Resurface After an Absence

Will Your Readers Stick with You?

My wife travels the public speaking circuit and usually gives 5-10 talks a year.  In the last few days of April she was on a trip with several of her public speaking colleagues. Karen sends me a text explaining that one member of this group had accepted the head position at a non-profit, and that […]

What Lies Beneath

How to get the biggest breakthrough you will ever experience

My readers know I find joy in sharing my ups and downs as I build my business.  When I share about my struggles, it really seems to energize people who find themselves in my stories. For those of you who don’t know my story, I’ll tell you the short version.  Years ago I was a […]

Are You Leaning Into or Away From Your Problems?

How to tell the difference and what to do about it

Several years ago, I was managing a group of brand-new entrepreneurs. They were young and energetic. Full of life and vitality. However, only a few short months later, it was very easy to see who was going to survive and who wasn’t. This is interesting because each of these new entrepreneurs: Received the same training […]