014: How to Break Free From Being Paralyzed by Perfection [Podcast]

An Interview with Karen Putz of Ageless Passions

After a skiing accident took Karen’s hearing at age 19, she left the sport and thought her skiing days were behind her.

What Karen didn’t expect was to have those skiing passions reawakened more than 20 years later.  The process of transformation (I won’t steal the story, so you’ll have to download her free book to get the inside scoop) took Karen to levels of personal performance that she had never known.

Today, Karen shares these discoveries and more as a Passion Mentor, and she has built a very successful public speaking practice around her message.

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Complete show transcript is available here.

What Is Working Right Now

Giving away a free download of her book.  She’s given away thousands of copies of her book over the years.  Karen is a BIG believer in providing value first as this leads to additional work like coaching sessions and speaking engagements.

  • Network.  Start where you are.  Speak anywhere you can get the chance.  It often leads to more work.
  • Find a successful speaker and take that person to lunch.


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Click the triangle to listen to the podcast to learn how she did it.