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My wife travels the public speaking circuit and usually gives 5-10 talks a year.  In the last few days of April she was on a trip with several of her public speaking colleagues.

Karen sends me a text explaining that one member of this group had accepted the head position at a non-profit, and that this lady was recruiting Karen to come to work for her.

This would certainly mean a relocation for us.

A few minutes later my wife sent me a follow up text with these exact words, “…NO NEED to worry…”

I knew from that very moment that I was in trouble.

Fast-forward 4 months.

  1. My wife accepted the new job.
  2. The five of us (three people and two dogs) are living in a hotel room 4 states away from our old home in NC.
  3. My daughter should start school next week provided we can convince the lady in the registration office that my daughter a) does exist, and b) that we really are our child’s parents.

I can truly say that this has been the busiest 4-month period of my life.

I was often very torn between my obligations to this move and the publishing schedule I know is so important to a content-driven business.

There are times when you simply can’t get to it all — my publishing had to give while I focused on our move.

[shareable cite=”Jason R Owens”]There are times when you simply can’t get to it all.[/shareable]

The Big Addition

Without a doubt the largest change I have made in my business this summer has been the addition of done-for-you services for authors and experts.

It was one of those whack-on-the-side-of-the-head moments when I realized that I understand how to put together a lot of the back office systems that deal with ads, campaigns, and other revenue-driving activities.

Not only do I understand it, I have also done all of it as part of running my own business.

So why not do it for other experts as well?

Look Forward to These Stories

As my life starts to take on a new normal I want to get back to a more routine publishing schedule.

I can’t wait to tell you about what I have learned over the summer, including:

  1. Lessons from partnering with an expert to launch a new workshop series.
  2. How a portable business, like what we experts run, is a huge bonus for our spouse’s upward mobility.
  3. A few new list-building tools that I have come across.

Thanks for your patience.

I can’t tell you how much it means that you stuck with me.


What I just did was illustrate the main points I want to share in case you have to go underground for a long absence.

  1. Explain where you have been.  Yes, many of your readers really do want to hear about the goings on in your life.  Things can’t always be all about business all the time.
  2. Share what is new.
  3. Tell people where you are headed. Give people a taste for what is on the horizon.

[reminder]If you were not able to keep a regular publication schedule, did you find that it affected your relationship with your followers?[/reminder]