017: Two Behind-The-Scenes Keys to Growing Your Platform [Podcast]

An Interview with Sebastien Richard

I had the pleasure of interviewing Sebastien Richard for the launch of his new book, Lead Like a Superhero.  It is rare to have such a candid conversation with someone who is growing a platform.

What I liked most about our talk is that we reached beyond the usual surface conversation and tilled deep into what it is really like to transition from J-O-B to being a thoughtleader.

Interview Flow

  • 2:00 Interview Starts
  • 14:18 Lead Like a Superhero Sebastien’s New Book
  • 28:00 Wrap Up Comments with Sebastien
  • 32:17  Post-Interview Highlights and Takeaways

What is Working?

Booking Public Speaking Gigs – Attending the local chamber of commerce, Rotary meetings, Lions club.  Grow connections from there.  Often people come up afterwords and ask to continue the relationship.

Facebook Live – “I love to teach and get connected to people there,” says Sebastien.  People DO reach out via FB Messenger.  Prefers to keep messages around 5 minutes, but finds that the messages tend to be 10-15 minutes.  He runs these sessions twice a week.

Email Marketing – building through having a sign up form on webite, book site, and FB page.

Sebastien’s New Book – Lead Like a Super Hero

Sebastien launched a brand new book in May!  Click here to get a copy.








Interview Key Take Aways

  1. There is no short path.  It takes work.  There is no magic FB ad campaign that is going to catapult your business to a million dollars per year.
  2. Branding is an iterative process. Finding your voice takes time, and your brand will change as you find an audience that resonates with your message.

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