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You were made for something more!  Down deep most of us know this.  We get a sense of it when we go to the movies or we feel our hearts tug as we read a good story.  It comes as a haunting voice that we can hear only when we slow down long enough to listen.

We want to be the hero.  We want to have adventure in our lives.

The good news is that there is plenty of adventure out here for those who seek it.

An epic story started thousands of years ago, and now you have a vital role to play.  We need you.

Your New Identity

For many of us pursuing our best selves means trading in our current jobs in favor of self-employment.

We leave behind the identities we formed during the 5 years we spent in engineering, the 10 years we spent in accounting, or the 20 years we spent in HR.

The “sensible” thing to do would be to continue what we learned at our employer.  If you worked in accounting, then become self-employed as an accountant.

But most of us don’t want to do the sensible thing.

When I talk to people who have left corporate America they are not continuing their old roles.  Often they shed the accountant or HR title for something like chef, app developer, or even guitarist.

People sometimes choose a path that you might think was for the younger crowd.  I’ve known plenty of people who want to go on the road — at age 40+!  Some as public speakers, some as workshop leaders.  Others want to start their own ministry.

Our hearts don’t always lead us to do what is sensible, but following the heart is often great medicine.

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We Need You

Please know that without you, our world slows to something less than perfect.

  • Apsiring chefs, we need the new dish that you will cook.
  • Authors, we long to hear another great story.
  • Dancers, we love to watch you.

When you hold in your gifts, when you play small, it does no one any good.

You inspire us to take our own first steps towards greatness.

Let your light shine!

We you realize that living from your gifts and calling enables and inspires others to do the same, it gives you even more encouragement to continue on your path.

 Your Adventure Awaits

Over the years I have come to realize that the thrill of being self-employed doesn’t come from being my own boss.  The thrill comes from stepping into uncharted waters.

I remember when my wife and I were first married, and she would say, “Let’s go hiking and have some adventures!”  Several hiking trips later I realized that “adventure” does not always mean “fun” or “safe”.

Be prepared my fellow traveler — if you seek self-employment, you will have plenty of adventures.  I can’t guarantee they will be fun, and most of them are far from safe.

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