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Every one of us striving for a better future will hit a point that deeply tests our resolve.

Life has currents that push against our dreams.

And these currents cause us to doubt ourselves, to doubt if we have anything to offer.

Stuck with the painful indecision that lies somewhere between uncertainty and lack of clarity, we find ourselves waffling.  Making gains one day only to hit a setback the next.

You have to forget how unreasonable your dream is.  You have to give yourself permission to be irrational.

You discover talent hidden deep within when you push into the place where you feel you should have given up long ago.

This is where you discover your greatness.

So, go down the rabbit hole.  Chase those dreams of yours.  Yes, you will look crazy.  And someone, or many someones will try to talk you out of it.

And you may even fail.

But you have to go “all in”.  You have to unpack for us everything you have to give.

Some people get their dreams handed to them.

For the rest of us, there comes a time when you have to fight for it.