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I know many of you are hard at work breaking through the noise that clamors for the attention of your target audience.

Me too!

If you are like me there are times when you wonder if you are doing the right thing, and if you’ll ever get noticed.

This makes it so special when you do get noticed and someone pays you a compliment.

It is absolutely priceless when you find your voice and people start resonating with your message.

This is what made it so special for me to see that one of my products got reviewed on a new site called smartBusinessPlanet.

This site is put together by Mitch Aunger (of fame) and Abby Sayers.  The sole aim of smartBusinessPlanet is to be a clearing house where solopreneurs can sort through all of the bajillions of resources available in the market.

Think of it as a Rotten Tomatoes for solopreneur education materials.

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I was fortunate enough to pop up on their radar a few weeks ago when they published this article on my Sales Workshop 6 Disc CD series.  Check out the review here.

Also, they are doing a free book giveaway as part of launching their site.  I was surprised to see the caliber of the books they are giving away — completely free!

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What I’ve learned since the review was published is that Mitch and Abby are looking to review more products in the upcoming weeks, and it is quite possible that they might review your material as well.  Drop Abby a line here to submit your product or service for review.

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