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These new rules are no joke. You will want to pay attention to this.

Disclaimer: Please note that I am NOT providing legal advice here. I am simply sending this as a blanket email for educational purposes and to encourage you to pursue GDPR compliance in the way that best suits your business.

I am sending this out to you in hopes of…

  1. Making you aware of what is happening in the industry
    Attempting to explain how this could impact you, your business, and your existing email lists.
  2. Europe is enacting new data protection laws (aka GPDR), and they go into effect May 25. Yes, this could very well affect you unless you know for a fact that every single subscriber on your list, today and in the future, is from the US and will always be from the US.

The single best article that I have seen on the entire enchilada is this one, and it is certainly worth the read —>

The Time-Proven Model

In the US and across the globe, this is the age-old ultra-proven method to building your subscriber list:

  1. “Give me your email address, and I will send you my free guide on How to Live a Happier Life.”
  2. Build a relationship with your subscribers by delivering great content by email.
  3. Market every last product or service you have.

Europe’s New Model

The new model in Europe requires clear consent for every single thing you will do with this email list.

  1. “Subscribe for my free guide, and I will only ever send you my free guide (no more marketing ever).”
  2. “Sign up for my valuable content, and only ever receive my valuable content.”
  3. “Sign up now to receive my promotions, and I will only ever send you my promotions.”

How This is Playing Out

I was speaking with a lady at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference this weekend. She has a considerable list and mentioned that In talking with her peers, the big debate was…

  • Do I move forward with my existing list and hope for the best?
  • Do I scrap everything and start over?

You have no doubt received a flurry of “Changes to Our Privacy Policy” emails lately from nearly every list or service to which you are subscribed. These are moves to become compliant with the new GDPR.

Granted, most of you have subscribers who solely exist in the US; however, take into account that the fine for mishandling European data can reach into the millions. Seriously, just Google “GDPR Fines” to check for yourself. Most US companies are taking no chances, thus the flurry of “Privacy updates” in your inbox.

When you read the law, you’ll see that the companies who only enact changes to their privacy policies are taking a very liberal interpretation. Everything here hinges on something called “fresh consent”.

Fresh Consent

Notice how Michael Hyatt’s team and the US-based company AppointmentCore have taken the more conservative approach of asking people to “stay with with me”. This is called a “Fresh Consent” campaign. This will no doubt lead to massive subscriber loss, but this is the path of a conservative interpretation.







So, with the above in mind, I just wanted to send this to make you aware that this is happening.

To get the complete checklist of what to do, click on the link I provided above and then look for the section titled “What do you need to do to be compliant?”