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Ragamuffin — The True Story of Rich Mullins

A very strange thing happened to me while I was in college in the early 90’s — my faith in God awakened.

I haven’t time to tell you that full story, but I will let you in on a very important person who played a critical role.

His name is Rich Mullins.

If Christianity had an anti-establishment movement, Rich would have been the poster child.

I was very new to the idea of “living by faith”, and Rich’s approach to money was like nothing I had ever seen.

He lived on a paltry salary that he paid himself from his concerts, and donated the rest to charity.

I was fortunate enough to attend one of his shows at the Cincinnati Zoo (I believe WAKW brought him to town), and he encouraged everyone to adopt an orphan from World Vision which had several booths set up around the perimeter.

His music and his life story meant so much to me that his CDs are among the very few things that I could ever part with.


Up till a few days ago I had no idea there was going to be a movie about him.  I can’t express with words how happy I am to hear this.


For me, Christmas came early this year.  Our God is an Awesome God.


Rich Mullins Movie Ragamuffin

Rich Mullins Movie Ragamuffin