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I am an entrepreneur. In my business (I assume in your business as well) the environment is constantly changing.

There are constantly new things that we have to learn and implement. There are new strategies, new technologies, new ways of doing things.

We have to plan. We have to capitalize. We have to implement. We have to make it profitable.

I not only have the stress that comes with running the business and working on projects for clients, but I also have the stress of adapting the company to a constantly changing environment.

If you’re like me, you handle the stress really well. At least you feel like you handle it well. You manage all of the things I just mentioned. You get it all done. You’re a productivity machine.

But you know this comes at a cost. There’s only so much of you to go around, and when things get crazy at the office, the home life suffers. I neglect my wife and my kids.

don’t intend to do it. I don’t want to do it. But I do it. Maybe I’m not as bad as some people are about it. But I’m not as good about it as I want to be.

It’s actually pretty easy to fall into the trap of neglecting the family. I mean, you’re working this hard for them right? They know you’re busy. They understand.

You want to give them a fulfilling life. You want to give them more than you had growing up. Those are great intentions, but when it really boils down to it, all they want is you.

They want to spend time with you. They want you to pay attention to them. Your spouse wants you to answer his / her two prevailing questions. (Shameless plug – On our blog you can read about his two prevailing questions here and her two prevailing questions here, or if you’d like to subscribe to our emails, you can click here).

would never discourage you from working hard and growing your business. But I would encourage you to stop, just for a few minutes, and make time for them.

When you’re gone from this world, do you want them to say, “He built an awesome business!” or do you want them to say, “He was an awesome husband / dad. He loved me so much.”

Deep down, they want to say the latter. Take some time for them. Blow a day off from work once in a while. It will still be there waiting. Show them that they are more important than the business


Troy and Taryn Mason

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