New Financial Advisor Success – Time Orientation

New Financial Advisor Success Tactics Time Orientation This is NOT another article on time management.  Far from it.  Instead, this is an article on preventing stress in your new job. New Financial Advisors have enough to tend with during their first few months — licensing, class room training, computer-based training, filling the calendar with initial […]

3 Emotional Management Tips for the Small Business Owner

Emotional Management for the Small Business Owner The Path Out of Desperation Years ago while in the throws of running a business there were times when I absolutely needed a deal. I was desperate. I needed to generate revenue, and the big fish prospect right in front of me had a legitimate need. If I timed […]

New Financial Advisors – Fail, Observe, Recover

How New Financial Advisors Can Recover from Failure In my previous post on What to do with Failure?, I mentioned that new financial advisors tend either to internalize their failures (it is always my fault) or to externalize their failures (it is always the prospect’s fault).  We move toward one of these two extremes naturally; however, […]